BANTAM Spare Parts

We are able to deliver spare parts of Thyssen Bantam Valves from 1965 until 1995. Tell us the data of the type plate – like year of manufacture, factory order no., DN, PN, the body material – and then we can find the appropriate drawings.

Newly we can deliver spare parts of Preussag valves and limited of VAG valves.

Basically a parts production is possible by visual recording. The manufacturing time is for example 4 to 6 weeks for a set sealing plates DN 700 PN 40.

Replacement Valves

In the segment of steel welded valves there are famous manufacturers that are no longer on the market or discontinued the equivalent line of products.

We can produce replacement valves for the below mentioned valves and manufacturers, which are equal regarding the main dimensions, the material and the function.

It is also possible to replace cast steel valves with steel welded constructions.

We fulfill the optimal conditions regarding the terms of production – suitable machinery and qualified employees – and regarding the constructive know-how.

If you have special requests, we can respond flexibly on it, so for example, we can build stem extensions, position indications or additional flush connections, etc.

Steel Welded Replacement Valves and Apparatus