About AMR

About AMR Industriebedarf GmbH

Our product range mainly comprises the production and trade of industrial valves made of steel and stainless steel. Our speciality is the production of steel-welded large valves up to e.g. flat gate valves up to DN2000 PN2.5, round gate valves up to DN1200 PN25, double eccentric butterfly valves DN1200 PN16.

Tank construction made of stainless steel, filtration solutions layer filter chamber filters made of stainless steel, as well as fire protection systems for preventive or subsequent fire protection.

AMR-Industriebedarf GmbH is the successor company of the former Kiefer GmbH, Lampertheim. This company had manufactured Thyssen-BANTAM steel-welded gate valves and check valves until 1994. Due to the requirements of the market and the plant construction, we have been working for our customers again for years. We can relieve your purchasing and technical departments by taking over the procurement for you. We know where we can produce/trade the products you need, in high quality.

We can supply you with suitable equivalent new fittings for the then complete Thyssen-Bantam program. For the former manufacturers of equivalent fittings as companies,

  • F. Landwehr & Co,
  • Preussag Armatures-Edermissen,
  • ASP-Armaturen-Schilling-Puspas,
  • Westark-GmbH fittings factory

we can produce equivalent replacement fittings. Our business connections at home and abroad give us the possibility to produce capital goods according to customer requirements (also larger components) under the term “Precision in Steel”. With our unique range of products and services, which combines all competencies and services related to plant apparatus engineering, we create space for more efficiency and success.