Industrial Valves

Precision made of steel

AMR-Industriebedarf GmbH is your supplier for high quality industrial fittings. Main materials areforged steel plate, carbon steel, heat-resistant cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc..Our valves are widely used in industrial plants, power plants, water plants and waste water plants, with a temperature range from -196 °C up to +600 °C, and a pressure rating from PN 1 up to PN 500.

Wherever customer-specific valve solutions are required, AMR-Industriebedarf GmbH designs and produces accordingly.

Fields of application

To cut off the joint for water, steam, oil or other non-aggressive liquids in chemical industry, refineries, tank farms, coking plant, shipbuilding industry and pipelines.

Product Range

Steel-welded construction

Valves with flexible wedges for
exact adaptation to seats:

Swing Check-Valves:


Customer-specific valve solutions:

DN 300–DN 1600 max. PN10,
DN 300–DN 1200 max. PN 25,
DN 250-DN 600 PN40-PN63

DN 250-DN 600 PN10-PN63

DN 100-DN 600 PN16-PN40

according to demanding specifications

Heat-resistant cast steel and stainless steel

Valves with flexible wedges:

High-pressure valves:

Shut-off and swing check-valves:


All valves according to:

DN 10 – DN 600 PN 16 –
PN 160 bzw. Class 150 – Class 1500.

DN 50(2“) – DN 300(12“)
Class1500 – Class2500

DN 10–DN 300 / PN16–PN 500

DN 15-DN 300 PN25-PN40,
DN 15-DN 200 PN63-PN160

EN, DIN, ANSI, API 602, API 600,
BS 5352 BS 1873, Gost etc.