AMR new construction: Steel Welded Round-Oval-Body Gate Valve

The new steel welded Round-Oval-Body Gate Valve DN 250 up to DN 1200 and PN 10, 15 and 25!!

It was time for a new construction because of the ideas of our engineers and a special market situation. Some famous manufacturers are no longer on the market or discontinued the equivalent line of products.

Here is the conventional construction of an Round-Oval-Body Gate Valve:

Scheme 1
Scheme 2

Suboptimal is the stability considering the forces of the pipeline and a lot of welding seams which are difficult for a good testing.The technical solution is to use a pipe and a hemispherical head for the body. Here are some photos for illustration of manufacturing the new body construction!

Other new features!

In order to stand out from the competition, we have equipped the new construction with additional advantages which can bring you benefits in future.

Data sheet: Round-Oval-Body Gate Valve DN 250 – DN 1000

In practice this means:

  1. Our Gate Valve generally provides a special construction of the head (bearing and adapter flange)The replacement of the handwheel with a gearing or e-actuator in the pipeline system is very easy only by bolting! Drilling and welding is not necessary for the replacement! Our experience has shown: If the company decides in the future to replace the handwheel with a gearing or an e-actuator, you will have big trouble. Therefore we determine depending on the turning moment the dimension of the adapter flange and the plug-in connection according B2
  1. The precision machining of the sleeve allows the replacement with TA Luft and Fire Safe gland packings. In the future it could happen that the whole industrial plant must fulfil new environmental regulation like TA Luft and Fire Safe. A retrofitting without the right constructive conditions is very expensive! We created the right constructive conditions, so it will be very easy to replace the old gland packing with the new one according to TA Luft and Fire Safe.
  1. The bonnet gasket complies by default the conditions according TA Luft and Fire Safe API 607. A retrofitting in the future is in this case very expensive too. You have to remove the insulation and the bolts of the bonnet. After the replacement you have to use new bolts and nuts. This effort is dispensed with our new construction!

Information sheet: Special features of the new Round-Oval-Body gate Valve

Another advantage is that the trim and the spare parts inside the new Gate Valve construction are equal to the old parts of Thyssen Bantam.

The new Round-Oval-Body Gate Valve of AMR Industrial Supply provides more than the conventional designs at a low price and with the possibility to economize costs in future.

Brochure: Round-Oval-Body Gate Valve DN 250 – DN 1000