Welded Steel Gate Valves

AMR-Industriebedarf GmbH is a successful designer, producer (joint-venture partners inSerbia) and seller for welded industrial valves made of forged steel-plates.

The technical requirements with regard for pressure, temperature and leak tightness requires materials with high strength and a homogeneous structure like thermomechanically rolled plates.

Product improvements to meet the latest environmental standards are constantly being implemented. So we developed ourselves to a special supplier for gate valves, swing check valves, strainers and shut-off valves. AMR-Industriebedarf GmbH is able to deliver customer-specific valve solutions.

The welded construction, by using drop forged or hot-rolled sheet and the welded chrome-nickel overlay with microfinished seats provide reliable and maintenance-free service for a lifetime.

We produce our valves principally with a rising, non-rotating stem and a flexible wedge (pre-loosening by compression points, wedge seating with 3° inclination angle).

Product range

Flat gate valves
DN 300 – DN 1600 max. PN 10
DN 700 – DN 1200 max. PN 3,2
DN 1400 – DN 1600 max. PN 2,5

Round gate valves
DN 300 – DN 1200 max. PN 25
DN 300 – DN 800 max. PN 40
DN 250 – DN 600 max. PN 63

Swing check valves
DN 300 – DN 600 PN 10 – PN 63

Shut-off valves
DN 200 – DN 1600 PN 6 – PN 25

DN 150 – DN 800 PN 16 – PN 40

We work mainly according to EN standards in application at present.

Technical repuirement: EN face-to-face: EN 558-1 Connecting flange: EN 1092-1 ff classification: EN 19 Verification: EN 12266-1 ff compliance certificates: EN 10204 ff.
All of our factory operations are certified to the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 and AD 2000 note HP-0 standard for design and manufacturing control.

Replacement equipment

AMR-Industriebedarf GmbH can deliver spare parts to the complete product range of Thyssen-Bantam or ofequal value new industrial valves. We are also providing replacement valves and spare parts for former suppliers of high quality valves like,

  • F.Landwehr & Co, Preussag Armaturen-Edermissen
  • ASP-Armaturen-Schilling-Puspas, Westark-GmbH Armaturenfabrik

The body is a welded pipe construction with a hemispherical head, flat or round cover, double disc wedge, outside screw and yoke, non rising stem, the gland housing is suitable for TA Luft packings and the gasket is by default according TA Luft and Fire Safe. The hardfacing of the seat is in chrome-plated steel or in Stellit.

Doubleexcentric shut-off valve, body and disc carbon steel welded construction, stainless steel sat, worm gear and handwheel or electric actuator.

  • Drive-Variations
    • Operation by
      – drive sleeve and hand wheel
      – spur gear resp.bevel gear and hand wheel
      – sprocket wheel and chain
      – electric actuator (directly mounted)
      – electric actuator via spur gear resp.bevel gear
  • Remote Operations Variations
    • pedesta, cardan shaft and coupling piece
      (for gate valves with inside screw)
    • pedestal, cardan shaft and drive sleeve
      (for gate valves with outside screw)
    • pedestal, cardan shaft and coupling gear