Valve Service

Our on-site and workshop service

On site, our authorized workshop is at your disposal with all services that are required for the revision or maintenance of your system. The good interaction with the other components of the service program gives you the necessary security and a minimization of downtimes. In the professionally equipped mobile workshop, directly in the plant, turning and welding repairs are carried out. If you otherwise had to contract and manage several suppliers at the same time, we bring you a real relief, because you get everything from one source.

You save a lot of valuable time, money, procurement effort and above all warehousing. The stocking of replacement valves, spare parts and seals can be reduced considerably. With our on-site service, you play it safe; reliable, qualified, flexible and fast.

In order to support the work on site at your plant, our partner offers you an extensive range of services and products in the form of the “In Plant Service”. Valves of all marketable makes are completely renewed in the factory. Hand in hand with the on-site service, all necessary material tests, acceptances and analyses, build-up and strength welding including heat treatment are carried out. Before the completely rebuilt valve is sent back to your plant, it is subjected to a thorough testing procedure, from mechanical processing to pressure tests for housing strength and tightness, right up to TÜV acceptance.

If spare parts are required, we manufacture all spare parts for you at our factory.

For example: sealing caps, spindles, threaded bushings, wedge plates, control valve spindles, parabolic plugs, seat bushings, shafts, etc. We can also supply you with all common makes and types of standard fittings within a very short time. The in-plant service covers with its extensive manufacturing and procurement potential, among other things, new valves, spare parts, graphite gaskets, metallic gaskets, screws according to DIN and ANSI, container gaskets, actuators, standard flanges, special flanges, pump spare parts, prematerial/semi-finished products with and without acceptance.

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